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Now that everyone is collaborating, it’s time to deliver business impact

Meetings, chat threads and email chains all have one thing in common: too much noise and too little signal


 Collaboration is literally the most expensive enterprise process and it is far from being optimized

We estimate $5 Billion for the average Fortune 500

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Estimate your company’s cost of collaboration here.

Nobody seems happy with the efficiency, impact or results

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 Pain points our Fortune 500 clients experience with their collaboration

Decision-making: too slow, low-quality inputs, lack of trust and transparency

Meetings: too long, too many, broken pre-read process

SME collaboration: too time-consuming to acquire SME thinking and knowledge

Email/Chat: mainly tactical and social, overwhelming, frequent ‘attachment bombing’

Exec briefing: communication not ‘bottom-line’ and hard to trust the information

Any sound familiar?

 High-impact collaboration drives high-impact decisions and business results

Dialogue and documents generate information; insights generate value

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 People already form these insights in their heads. The problem is they are lost and barely shared.

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Pandexio is the world’s first insight communication engine for fueling high-impact collaboration



Three examples of how business leaders are driving insights to impact initiatives across their organizations, by leveraging the insights of their people


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How it works

READER: Externally, simple to use, like annotation.  Under the hood, a high-speed insight communication engine.

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DECISION-MAKER: Four seconds to consume, one-click to confirm and a full suite of tools for filtering, aggregating and optimizing impact

We are the world’s experts on insight communication for superior decision-making and collaboration

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