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Accelerate insight sharing 100X

To cut through the information noise, fuel high-impact collaboration and amplify workforce productivity


We live in a state of collaboration overload 

We built Pandexio to make existing collaboration better. Lean, impactful and focused on driving action and results

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 Knowledge workers spend 65% of their time collaborating

It is mostly tactical or social in nature (e.g., who should I speak with about XYZ?) and in many cases actually impeding worker productivity!


We call it Attachment Bombing

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  • The #1 way ‘insights’ are shared today is by document attachments

  • Social collaboration systems are noisy; too much to save, store, read and remember


Poor use of high-cost time

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  • Ineffective pre-read process

  • Too much time getting everyone on the same page (‘informing’)

  • Too little time advancing team thinking & decision-making


Overload, bottlenecks and burnout

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  • The well-known 5% - 15% are overloaded; 85% - 95% underutilized

  • Bottlenecks occur w/ SME overload

  • Demands for information and knowledge cause SME burnout


Knowledge workers already consume tons of information, think and form insights in their heads… what if we captured them digitally?


 Pandexio embeds insight capture and sharing into workflow, enabling high-impact collaboration and eliminating waste


 Every 1% increase in high-impact time can potentially drive $250M* in financial benefit for the average Fortune 500


The flattening productivity curve is keeping CEOs up at night. We partner with leaders who are committed to addressing it.

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We are the world’s experts on capturing and sharing evidence-based insights for improving performance

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