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Going digital with human insights for a smarter-faster workforce


in-sight (noun) – a wise and deep understanding of something

pan-dex-io (noun) – index of all

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Do you value the insights of your employees? Here’s what we mean:

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where are these insights? Why aren’t they digital? why aren’t they shared? Isn’t this what you hire and pay your knowledge workers to develop?

 Now you have a choice:

Continue operating with bulk information or go digital with human insights

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We specialize in one thing:

The digital capture and sharing of human insights to drive productivity and performance

Evidence-Based Capture


Capture at time and place of formation across most content types w/ linked evidence and context (5 patents)

Cloud Platform

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Organization-wide insight management and sharing via the cloud; unprecedented analytics; fingertip mobile access

API / Developer Portal

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Connect corporate information silos with a common insight layer using Pandexio APIs

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Now every employee can access the insights of the smartest employee

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 While your competitors talk about critical thinking, you can empower your people to actually do it

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An insight-powered critical thinking engine for your workforce

One example of the productivity gains: eliminating ‘attachment bombing’


this is the #1 way employees share insights per our survey of 880 executives.

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See 7 other areas of waste to eliminate with Pandexio —>

Performance Impact

Insight sharing empowers companies to operate leaner, faster and smarter than their competition


We are the world’s experts on human insights

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