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Resolving the core bottleneck to high performance: the insights gap

For accelerated team learning, productivity, decision-making and agility

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High-performing enterprises require knowledge workers who operate well above what AI can do

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Decision-making: 2X growth and profitability for top-quintile performers (Bain, McKinsey)

Collaboration effectiveness: knowledge workers spend 65%+ of their time collaborating (Rob Cross/HBR)

Workforce productivity: has flattened to near-historic lows (McKinsey); exacerbated by ineffective collaboration (Bain)

Organizational agility: average S&P lifespan has dropped to 18 years, trending 12 by 2027 (Innosight, Credit Suisse)

 To create impact, knowledge workers must apply insights they form from information. But are they?

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 Today they barely use their own insights, let alone those of others to think and work as a team

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We unlock insights trapped in heads and documents so everyone can use them to make an impact

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 Knowledge workers spend 65% of their time collaborating. Let’s make it matter.


We call it Attachment Bombing

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  • The #1 way ‘insights’ are shared today is by document attachments

  • Social collaboration systems are noisy; too much to save, store, read and remember


Poor use of high-cost time

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  • Ineffective pre-read process

  • Too much time getting everyone on the same page (‘informing’)

  • Too little time advancing team thinking & decision-making


Overload, bottlenecks and burnout

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  • The well-known 5% - 15% are overloaded; 85% - 95% underutilized

  • Bottlenecks occur w/ SME overload

  • Demands for information and knowledge cause SME burnout

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Shared insights can drive performance gains across the workforce

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Design and feature set tailored to new generations of knowledge workers

Platform inspired by familiar tools and apps used heavily by today’s employees

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Comprehensive feature set for capturing, organizing & sharing insights

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We are the world’s experts on capturing and sharing evidence-based insights for improving performance