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A software platform for fueling productive, high-value collaboration via next-gen knowledge sharing


Pandexio is a new kind of software company created to empower the next generation of knowledge workers

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 Knowledge workers spend 65% of their time collaborating. To make it count we need effective knowledge sharing.

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Ineffective knowledge sharing compromises core business functions, productivity & engagement

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 Three examples of ineffective knowledge sharing that happen daily, waste high-value resources and directly impact execution


We call it Attachment Bombing

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The #1 way insights are ‘shared’ today is by document attachments (HR.COM, 2018)


Poor use of high-cost time

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  • Ineffective pre-read process

  • Too much time getting everyone on the same page (‘informing’)

  • Too little time advancing team thinking & decision-making


Overload, bottlenecks and burnout

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  • The well-known 5% - 15% are overloaded; 85% - 95% underutilized

  • Bottlenecks occur w/ SME overload

  • Demands for information and knowledge cause SME burnout

 Pandexio is for progressive, influential leaders who seek higher-value, higher-quality collaboration supported by:

  1. Effective use of information and evidence

  2. Meaningful communication of knowledge worker thinking and insights

  3. Disciplined analysis, critical thinking and decision-making

in-sight (noun) – a wise and deep understanding of something

 We plug in where content is consumed and transform knowledge worker insights into digitally-accessible knowledge-sharing objects

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 Pandexio empowers employees to create & share evidence-based insights for high-impact collaboration with colleagues

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 Four operating areas where high-impact collaboration is crucial to business outcomes

We are the world’s experts on capturing and sharing evidence-based insights for improving performance

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