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Fueling business decisions with high-impact human input

Meetings, chat threads and email chains all have one thing in common: too much noise and too little signal


 To make better-faster decisions, people need better-faster decision inputs from each other

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 People form their highest-value decision inputs when they apply their unique knowledge to specific information (‘insights’).  Today it’s all getting lost.

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Communicating insights is way too hard today: too many steps, systems and disconnects along the way


Pandexio makes insight communication easy

Software-as-a-Service | Robust feature set | Full suite of APIs | Slack & Chrome integrations | GDPR compliant | Serverless architecture

Our Fortune 1000 clients are targeting 10X-100X improvement in decision-input quantity and quality

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How it works

READER: Externally, simple to use, like annotation.  Under the hood, a high-speed insight communication engine.

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DECISION-MAKER: Four seconds to consume, one-click to confirm and a full suite of tools for filtering, aggregating and optimizing impact

We are the world’s experts on insight communication for superior decision-making and collaboration

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