Read once, remember forever. Transform content into on-demand knowledge.

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Three reasons to get an online brain

1. Make smarter use of your existing ("mushy") brain.

Your brain excels at processing – reading, understanding and analyzing information – and then forgets the results as fast as it generates them.   This can be a problem if people expect you to know stuff – like your clients for example, or your boss. Fortunately, Pandexio excels at capturing, storing and re-accessing the important stuff you learn from content you consume.  This way your mushy brain can focus on higher-level functions like critical thinking, connecting the dots across disparate information sources, or which sandwich you should order for lunch today. 

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2. Gain knowledge fast by linking to your smart friends and leveraging what they know

In today’s information-intensive world, there is no way to read or learn everything.  Now you can have the best of both world’s by acquiring the knowledge of people you know simply by linking to them.  This is particularly powerful when they have synthesized their knowledge on a topic down to a Hyperpoint – which can allow you to sound like an instant-expert on a topic you know little about.  Check out an example of how we do this at Pandexio (video to the right). 

3. Earn credibility and respect by knowing what the heck you are talking about

Let’s be honest here: you don’t respect people who don’t know what they talking about and neither do they. We all appreciate interacting with people who know their stuff because they come across as follows: