We inject consumable snips of content into your collaboration app

Below is a whole document.  It is too much for consumption and collaboration -- a bulky container of information, a haystack.

Pandexio enables creation of focused, relevant content "snips" for sharing, embedding and enriching emails, blogs, wikis and documents.

This is a Pandexio snip.  It is a piece of a document, that remains linked to it's context. You can add a title, note, tags. You can share it, collaborate about it as a team, and use it to build impactful, auto-referencing points and conclusions.
Snip png.png

How it works

View it.png

Your users view documents in our easy-to-integrate HTML5 web viewer & discover important stuff.


We make it easy to snip the important stuff out, and add their thoughts and ideas at the moment they arise.

Uset it.png

They can then organize and share their snips, collaborate as a team and make impactful points and conclusions.

Consumption management, powered-by-pandexio

Our end-to-end software suite and APIs bring content-consumption workflow and productivity to ECM, social business and education apps.  Think of us as content consumption management-as-a-service.

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