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A powerful new way to capture business value from digital content and those who consume it.

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How Pandexio works when embedded into your app

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Your users view documents in our easy-to-integrate HTML5 web viewer & discover important stuff.


We make it easy for them to snip the important stuff, and add their thoughts and ideas at the moment of enlightenment.

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They can then organize and share their snips, collaborate as a team and make impactful points and conclusions.

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Pandexio snips capture that important fact, finding or insight hidden inside content and the thoughts and ideas you have about it.  

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Today your users capture this information on sticky notes or between their ears.  Integrate Pandexio into your app and your users can capture snips, collaborate about them, embed them in your streams, blogs, documents and presentations.

Consumption management for your app, delivered as a turn-key service that creates a new SaaS revenue stream for you.  Make your CFO happy by contacting us today.