Network their brains with Pandexio. Hurts less than implanting a chip in their heads.

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    60-second explainer video

Three reasons to Pandexio-enable your IT infrastructure and business applications


1. Unlock the layer of facts, insights and IP currently trapped in sticky notes and brain cells.

Most Enterprises largest source of data is unstructured content residing in repositories, hard drives and browser bookmarks.  Your most expensive assets are the human resources who consume it.  So where’s their output?  You don’t have it.  Their thoughts, if captured, are often on sticky notes or in brain cells – inaccessible to them, their team and the company.  You are missing an entire layer of intelligence -- possibly your most valuable.  

2. Enable the delivery of actionable information to mobile devices, social platforms and executive decision-makers

Our information economy now operates at Twitter-speed where documents are an ineffective communication format.  

  • CEOs want bottom-line briefings, not lengthy reports to read
  • Millennials require more focused information than documents and wordy emails
  • Nobody likes reading documents on a smartphone and we all cringe at email and activity stream attachments  

When content is consumed in Pandexio-enabled document viewers and browsers, it gets rapidly distilled down to light-yet-impactful Hypersnips and Hyperpoints – actionable information designed for consumption in today’s social, mobile world. 

3. Empower your employees to learn in teams and accelerate training and knowledge transfer

Today most people read and learn in isolation, in silos.  Learning is non-collaborative and offline.  Pandexio takes reading and learning online and flips this paradigm on it’s head.  With a superior format for content consumption, and the ability to share what you’re learning in a focused and collaborative environment, Pandexio-enabled Enterprises accelerate learning, deliver far more effective communication, and empower decision-making and delivering value.