Move beyond document viewing. Embed Pandexio to empower knowledge creation and sharing.

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Three reasons to embed Pandexio into your application

1. Provide your users the most advanced content consumption technology available

Previewing a document is just the first step in the content consumption process.  You need a lot more than that for users to think, learn, capture facts, insights, ideas, connect the dots to make points and conclusions, share & collaborate.  That’s what Pandexio enables today, which is just the beginning of where we are taking content consumption for our partners. 


2. Turn a cost into a revenue stream and make your CFO happy

Profitability can be elusive for SaaS companies, and document viewers are expensive.   Pandexio brings powerful capabilities that you can re-sell as part of your service, which includes our HTML5 document viewer.  Not only does this eliminate the viewer cost, but it brings you a new high-margin revenue stream that should make your CFO very happy.  

3. Generate sticky, high-quality content that will make your users happy

Everyone has experienced an onslaught of low-quality content in social platforms, which can lead to dropping participation rates and increasing churn rates.  When you embed Pandexio functionality into your application, it becomes a productivity application for your users, enabling them to create high-value, knowledge-rich content (Hypersnips and Hyperpoints). 

Powerful web-based universal document viewing and snipping based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology

Our supported doc types

Our features compared to legacy flash and image viewers

Our standards

Compatible with current browsers that support the HTML5 and CSS3 standards