1. We enable your end-users to do something useful with documents they consume

Consumption process comparison

No Pandexio


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Pandexio consumption process.png

2. We power team content-collaboration at the sub-document level

No Pandexio = whole documents

Powered-by-Pandexio = snip-level collaboration

Whole doc collab.png
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3. Our content-consumption workflow fuels the creation and distribution of high-quality content throughout your platform

workflow 2.png

Pandexio is a snip-capturing, dot-connecting, point-making machine.  It attacks information overload by extracting the needles from the haystack, and generates bottom-line output that is far easier to consume in today's social, mobile world.

4. Our productivity-driving workflow empowers your end-users get their job done faster and easier

Our bold claims about the productivity gains that can be realized by Pandexio power-users

  1. Enable them to learn 30% faster

  2. Enable them to retain 3X longer

  3. Enable later recall in less than 60 seconds, regardless of when (could be years)

  4. Enable creation of research-based reports 35% - 50% faster

  5. Reduce prep time for meetings and presentations by 25%

  6. Transfer knowledge to others 5X faster

Use-case examples from some power-users

Writing a report or brief

Miles Headshot (3).jpg

"I just finished a paper using the app and it cut my writing time in half (easily). My paragraph construction was little more than simply copying and pasting from Pandexio notes. Having the source I'm quoting right next to my detailed synthesis is so convenient. From there, essay organization and structure was all it needed."

Miles Nordhoff, student and Pandexio beta tester

Teeing-up facts for a meeting or presentation

Tuffli headshot.jpg

"I felt like I couldn’t keep up before, and now I feel like I’m 2 steps ahead.  I’m no longer scrambling looking for my facts or key contract sections, it’s all at my fingertips and I can quote it page, line and verse!  Wish I had when I was an analyst and a consultant, spent much of my life in highlighter, yellow-pad, transfer-to-PPT chaos."

Chris Tuffli, former Management Consultant turned Eco-Entrepreneur

Collaborative group research

Steve Lamont.jpg

"I wasn't sure how Pandexio was different from all the other collaboration tools I use until I gave it a test run it struck me: there is no other way to collaborate on research as a team!  Now I can focus everyone on just the important stuff, capture everyone's thoughts and ideas, it's all in context and organized.... I just told the team no more emailing of attachments or links with the "please read" stuff, those days are over!"

Steve Lamont, former Accenture Partner turned Entrepreneur.

5. Our structured consumption process naturally captures everyone's knowledge so they can access it, their team can act it and the Company can leverage it.

Content consumption today is a disorganized mess, and the knowledge that gets generated is not being captured anywhere meaningful.

Messy desk.png

The "snips" are effectively scattered across brain cells, files and sticky notes.  It's all offline, inaccessible, non-indexed, non-shareable, non-mobile and non-measurable.

The result is a powerful knowledge capture tool that can dramatically increase the stickiness of your app. To learn more about how Pandexio provides a superior way to capture and manage knowledge, see the CEO blog here.

6. We provide you a new upsell-based revenue stream that will make your SaaS metrics look a lot better to your investors.

Your legacy viewer is nothing but a cost.  Pandexio transforms it into upsell revenue, which according to the experts is crucial to attaining SaaS profitability by: (1) lowering effective Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC); and (2) offsetting the effects of churn, which gets more problematic the more you grow.