Knowledge management systems are designed for corporations.  Pandexio is built for people.

People are challenged everyday to take on superhuman feats of information processing and analysis.  We know you are not superhuman, so we built Pandexio for people like you.



Consultants get hired because they are experts, and are under constant pressure to acquire new knowledge and show it.  Doing this more quickly and with more retention will keep you looking like the smartest person in the room. Pandexio can help you learn and remember what you read about new processes, companies and industries - fast.


Researchers & Analysts

Anyone doing research is under pressure to provide actionable insights that lead to the next solution or discovery.  The quantity of information you have to consume, digest and apply can be staggering. Pandexio enables you to quickly parse mountains of content and parse and trim it into manageable snips of relevant, bottom-line information. Keeping each fact associated with a source document saves time and effort when creating footnotes and bibliographies.


Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Innovators must constantly demonstrate in-depth knowledge on the problem they solve, their market, competitors, business models and a host of other topics. Doing this well is crucial to raising capital, recruiting, gaining support and getting the product right. Pandexio’s personal living index keeps the most recent facts and trends at your fingertips and demonstrates your expertise every step of the journey.


Technical sales

Technical sales reps are expected to be experts on their products and services, and use it counsel demanding customers.  Superior knowledge can translate into superior sales.  Pandexio can help you absorb tremendous amounts of information and recall it on-demand.

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Students operate in a highly competitive environment and are expected to learn more information faster than ever before. Organizing and retaining newly-acquired knowledge is crucial to success on tests, projects and papers.  Pandexio provides a centralized workspace to accumulate and filter all that content into digestible, relevant “virtual index cards”.



Thought-leaders and bloggers produce knowledge as their product, need to stay current and continually demonstrate their expertise.  This can be daunting in a fast-moving knowledge economy.  Pandexio helps accelerate and manage the process of knowledge acquisition and organization, enabling you to quickly and credibly make your points.


IT professionals

IT Professionals not only have to manage organization-wide knowledge, they have reams of technology documentation to consume. Pandexio enables you to capture documentation excerpts, add thoughts, points or notes, then share and collaborate with your team so they don’t have to research the problem all over again. This shared and stored IT knowledge makes you more efficient, so you can spend more time on the important things: preparing for the next wave of technology.



Journalists and writers are required to keep their facts straight and get the scoop before someone beats them to the punch.  This can mean a lot of information to consume and assimilate in a short period of time.  Pandexio facilitates your research and fact-finding missions, trapping your facts and notes so you have more time to write your story on deadline.