Yo blogs, wikis and Powerpoint: a light-yet-mighty knowledge object is coming to town

Pfizer doc clean 2.png

As you use Pandexio, you will notice that all sorts of thoughts pop into your head while you read and encounter nuggets of useful information.  Those nuggets get the gears spinning, triggering ideas, conclusions, points you seek to make, questions you have.  Our goal with our “snip” object was to make it as easy as possible to capture your thoughts at the time they occur, and within the context that triggered them.

Sometimes those thoughts will happen a level higher than the context of one nugget you found in a document.  Instead, they will represent your multi-nugget synthesis of some form.  Perhaps your brain “synthesizes” them into a point you seek to prove, or draws a conclusion from them, or simply lumps them all into a category of some sort.  You need an easy way to capture this, hence the Pandexio Point.

Point object Aaron.png

Soon you’ll be able to drag snips into the point column, order them however you like, and the make a point, which can be anything:

  • A bullet, paragraph, or just a single word
  • An outline for a test or paper
  • A point you’re gonna ram down the throat of the guy in the next cubicle over, who is influential but usually wrong, whom you seek to expose and stifle during the next meeting with hard-cold facts and sources you summon in a mouse-click

Sorry, got carried away with that last one, but the point is that whatever the heck the snip-group means to your brain, you can capture it.   Or, if you started this whole process with a theory or point in mind, or grouping, then create your point first and drag snips under it.

And then, should you seek to share your creation with others, you can publish your point and share it.  Here’s a first-cut from visual design on what the published point object might look like:


The above is a 3-layer, 3-dimensional information object.  Those who view your points can drill-down to the snips that support your point, and from each snip they can further drill-down to the underlying source content that produced the snip:

          Point level --> snip level --> source level

We think this is a tighter, more impactful way to communicate stuff you know to your fellow humans.

You can share points as stand-alone objects, or embed them into blogs, wiki entries, slide presentations, reports – basically anywhere that you can paste a hyperlink.

That’s the Pandexio point… engineered for those who love cliff notes and dread foonotes.