Knowledge management for experts, innovators and other humans

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The quantity of information has been doubling every two years.  We need to consume more content faster than ever before.   It’s not slowing down and it’s not enough to just read it.  We need to absorb and manage it so we can re-access and apply it when needed.  The success of our career, company and country rests on our ability to turn raw information into accessible, actionable knowledge.

We went out and surveyed hundreds of executives, professionals and students to understand how they deal with this, specifically how they capture what they learn as they read.  Here’s what they reported doing:

  • Print, highlight, post-it notes
  • Copy/paste into Word, screenshots
  • Mix of note-taking, annotation tools and emails to self
  • Store in head

This is nuts.  The leading answer was “head” followed by printing, highlighting and sticky notes.  From interviews we conducted, it’s clear that our to-read pile and associated knowledge is scattered across desk surfaces, file folders, email systems, bookmarks and brain cells.  No wonder we feel overwhelmed, frequently lose facts and sources, and feel like our knowledge is disconnected and disorganized.

Weren’t computers supposed to help us learn faster, remember longer, help keep it all organized, connected and accessible?  That’s not happening.  Those who print and highlight are abandoning them entirely, and annotation tools merely compounded the problem by sticking the needle back into the haystack.

We built Pandexio to help people succeed through information overload, particularly voracious learners who seek to stand out as experts.  There is so much information available about our field, market, company, competitors, products, technologies, projects, processes, systems that it is hard to keep up with it all.  Yet if we don’t, then we cannot:

  • Form reliable conclusions
  • Contribute knowledgeable insights to meetings
  • Provide credible recommendations
  • Articulate points and back them up
  • Answer questions
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Create persuasive reports and presentations
  • Generate new ideas and innovations

Our mission is to help you learn faster from the content you consume, so you can do the things above better, easier, faster.  We think it should be easy to convert web pages and documents into connected knowledge you can retain, re-access and apply – and have set out to do just that.  In the process, we have learned a lot which we will be sharing with you via this blog.  We also seek to shed light on the basic nuts and bolts issues of everyday knowledge management that have been under-appreciated, and in some cases completely ignored.