Create Clarity & Impact with Hyperpoints

A presentation that doesn’t seek to make change is a waste of time and energy.
— Seth Godin

Collecting and organizing your information and facts into Hypersnips of knowledge is a key step in formulating your ideas, in articulating your point. But when it comes to communicating your ideas, there are two main areas that separate successful communications from lackluster ones: Clarity and Impact.


While it is often the game with presentation of ideas (especially with PowerPoint) to dress your thoughts up in moving imagery, or bludgeon your listeners with the apparatus of complex bulleted structures, when it comes down to it, successful ideas are the ones that people can take with them.

With that in mind, the Hyperpoint is deceptively simple: just paragraph text or one-level list structure. These limitations are invitations to focus on your ideas and their clarity. 


Simplicity in itself isn't enough. Anyone can make claims that stick in the listeners' heads, but it takes expertise, experience and work to be able to connect knowledge and insight to clearly stated ideas. 

With this in mind, the Hyperpoint connects your assertions to your knowledge in a seamless and fluid way that doesn't interrupt the clarity of your ideas, simply lends them impact.