The Pandexio bookmarklet enables you to capture web pages in Pandexio so you can snip them just like any other document.

How it works

When you are viewing a web page you would like to save in Pandexio, click the ‘+Pandexio’ bookmarklet in your Bookmarks/Favorites toolbar.  This will open a Pandexio tab where you can select the project, re-name the web page and add tags.  You can opt to save the web page for snipping later and continue browsing, or snip the web page right away.  Most web pages, articles and blogs can be added to Pandexio using the bookmarklet.

Installing the Pandexio Bookmarklet

Step one: make sure your bookmarks/favorites bar is open in your browser.  You will need to drag your Pandexio bookmarklet (icon at top of Pandexio) to an open bookmarks/favorites bar.  Here’s what it looks like in Chrome:

Bookmarklet instructions.png

Below are instructions for making this toolbar visible in a few popular browsers:

In the event you still have difficulty, look for your browsers View menu and tell it to show the Bookmarks bar or Favorites bar.

Step two: now that your bookmarks/favorites bar is visible, look for the bookmarklet icon in the top right header bar of Pandexio.  Here’s what it looks like:

Bookmarklet instructions 2.png

Drag it up to your bookmarks/favorites bar with your mouse, and when you release you should see a ‘+Pandexio’ link on your bookmarks/favorites bar.  Now, whenever you are on a web page that you’d like to capture for snipping in Pandexio, simply click on the ‘+Pandexio’ link and we’ll handle the rest.