Branding Guide

We're very excited that you're integrating with Pandexio! We've put together these guidelines so you know how to reference Pandexio and its components and so that your integration with Pandexio makes the most of our features and functionalities —you'll need to follow them for us to approve your app for production status.

This document is a living document that we will continue to work on collaboratively with the Pandexio developer community.

Using Pandexio’s name, logo

You can use the Pandexio name and logo for anything related to your app, such as marketing materials, as long as you follow our Pandexio branding guidelines when using our logo or name.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that Pandexio endorses your app. For example, you can say "we're developers on the Pandexio API" or "API developers," but not "we partner with Pandexio” or "API partners." Also, don't make misleading statements about Pandexio.
  • Only use the logo when referring specifically to Pandexio or an integration through the Pandexio platform. You may only use the approved logos, available here. You may not alter their colors or designs, or crop them, though you may modify the size to fit your use.
  • Don't use the Pandexio brand as the most prominent brand in your marketing content
  • Do not use Pandexio logos or designs to copy or imitate the look and feel of the Pandexio website, or mobile apps.

Links to Pandexio-Embedded Components

All Pandexio-embedded components are launched from links contained within your application.  When linking to a Pandexio component, the following terminology or icon should be used:

Document viewer

DocumentName.doc (view)
DocumentName.doc (view)
DocumentName (read & snip) 
DocumentName (read with Pandexio)

Snip viewer

link only

DocumentName | View Snips
DocumentName (View Snips)


links and snip count

DocumentName | 13 Snips
DocumentName (13 Snips)


links and snip list

snip title
snip title
snip title
snip title
snip title
snip title
snip title
+3 more



Point Title

Hypersnip and Hyperpoint Objects and Icons

It is important that we provide a consistent, cross-system experience for organizations and end users who work with Hypersnip and Hyperpoint objects.  Accordingly, Pandexio has filed trademark applications for these terms for the benefit of all organizations providing knowledge flow solutions using these objects.

They may either be referenced by their full names, or when icon-based reference is warranted, via the following symbols:

When used to reference a set of Hypersnips or set of Hyperpoints, a numeric indicator may be overlayed on the icon in white Arial font.  Example:



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