The core learning and knowledge-sharing cycle is broken, and curated insights can fix it


Staggering loss of insights

We estimate the average employee spends 30 minutes/day consuming content, thinking and learning.  If we assume they gain a new insight every five minutes, that is 6 insights per day and over 1,000 per year.  Extrapolated to the average Fortune 500 workforce of around 50,000 employees gets us to 50 Million insights per year per enterprise.  

So, where the heck are they?

We have yet to hear a good answer that does not involve an insight curation system

What needs to change

The worker of the future will be a self-learning, high-performing critical thinker and problem solver who builds their own base of knowledge and can access and leverage the knowledge of others quickly and efficiently. This is only possible within organizations who fix the broken cycle by proactively moving from the as-is to the to-be be above.