As your employees read, they filter, interpret, analyze, and apply their knowledge - and it all winds up stored in brain cells and sticky notes.

We have interviewed hundreds of knowledge workers and students about where they capture the knowledge they generate while consuming content. The top four answers: (1) head; (2) print and add highlights, annotations or sticky notes; (3) copy/paste into other electronic documents; and (4) created own "system" using ad hoc applications (usually using email or their Smartphone).

The knowledge employees generate from content is offline, inaccessible and non-shareable.

We estimate that Fortune 500 companies spend an average of $150M/year on employee content consumption and learning, which is about 50% as efficient as it could be (see section 4).  The greater impact is the un-quantifiable loss of institutional knowledge, ideas and IP, degraded expertise/performance of employee, inability to leverage the expertise of co-workers, lack of evidence to support decisions/conclusions.