“I can’t fully explain how Pandexio has been able to relieve so much stress from my day. I felt like I couldn’t keep up before, and now I feel like I’m 2 steps ahead.  Pandexio is something I wish I had when I was an analyst and a consultant. It’s completely changed the way I consume information.”

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Chris is a management consultant turned eco-entrepreneur. He shows corporations and governments how they can save millions on their water bills, while simultaneously saving the planet. To do this, he needs to be an expert on several fronts, including his clients, their water-use history, the water conservation industry, and the local regulatory environment. To succeed in his business, Chris needs to appear to be the smartest person in the room.

This used to be overwhelming. Chris had documents and bookmarked web pages everywhere – printed, online, on his computer. More than once a week, he had to re-find and re-read to educate his clients and answer their questions. He could only handle one client at a time and he found himself repeating the same information multiple times to each client. Then, his business mentor told Chris about Pandexio.

Now, Chris has organized his reading, facts and findings in one place – all the information that is relevant to him is at his fingertips. He can find things fast and his clients are impressed with his ability to quote the sources of his seemingly endless knowledge.  He’s been able to take on more clients and grown his own team. They all use Pandexio to collaborate and share information.