Our unexpected solution to a decades-old problem

Pandexio has a lot to do with active reading. Active reading is supposed to distill-out the actionable 2% and trigger new insights in people’s brains that are even leaner, and higher in value. By ‘insights’ we mean their thoughts, ideas and take-aways about what the information means to them. How can they use it? What can they do with it in their business context? Why is it relevant? Does it add to their knowledge? Inform an action? Support a decision? Without Pandexio these ‘insights’ are lost or forgotten – a mass waste of knowledge worker time, talent and expense. With Pandexio, active readers use Pandexio tools to swipe their mouse around actionable bits, enter their insight before it goes ‘poof,’ and Pandexio connects all the pieces together automagically. Insights are digitally captured and shared via the cloud in an evidence-based way. As a result, everyone gets up to speed faster on the relevant information and thinking, on the same page and focused on high-value collective thinking and decision-making.

Pandexio has a lot to do with speed. In Pandexio, when you gain new insights from information, so do all your team-mates and colleagues – in seconds. Instead of authoring a new document to share your new knowledge with them, or calling meeting to brief them, you do absolutely nothing – it has already been shared. Automatically. And in seconds they can verify the evidence and context – a mouse-click.

Pandexio has a lot to do with effectiveness. Still want to hold that meeting? Everyone has access to each other’s insights, thinking, knowledge and perspectives before it even starts.. They can all be informed, synced and aligned before they enter the room, enabling productive, high-value collaboration from the get-go.

Pandexio has a lot to do with control. Don’t want to share your insights with anyone? Or restrict them to a select few? You have complete control over any content you introduce into Pandexio, and who can access your insights.

Pandexio has a lot to do with efficiency. Today, everyone is pretty constrained to the insights they personally formed from content they actively read (and retained). That’s quite limiting. In today’s rapidly-changing, information-intensive world, we’re all expected to know far more than our limited brains/memories can hold. Everybody should not have to research and learn everything themselves in order to be knowledgeable. With meaningful insight-sharing, they don’t have to. So, before you open Google and embark on a new research project, search Pandexio first — someone may have already done that work.

If you’re still struggling with the concept, a demo will clear it up fast. One you wrap your head around how Pandexio works, you’ll wonder how you ever got through college without it.