Getting Started

This is your goto reference for building great apps on the Pandexio Platform. Be sure to also refer to the Branding Guide and the Terms and Conditions as you design your app.

App permissions

When you start building an app on the Pandexio Platform, you'll need to create a Pandexio app in the App Console.

Use a single app key for each distinct app

If you build multiple apps, use one and exactly one key for each app you make. This makes it much easier for us to debug issues when they arise. That said, if you're just building the same app for different platforms (for example, iOS and Android), you should use the same key.

Request Signing

To use the Pandexio REST API, each request must be signed with an HMAC code and include all Pandexio authorization headers or all Pandexio parameters in the query string.  Signature Generation

SSL only

We require that all requests are done over SSL.

Error handling

Errors are returned using standard HTTP error code syntax. Any additional info is included in the body of the return call, JSON-formatted. Error codes not listed here are in the REST API methods listed below.

Standard API errors

400Bad input parameter. Error message should indicate which one and why.
401Bad or expired token. This can happen if the user or Pandexio revoked or expired an access token
404Object not found at the specified path.
405Request method not expected (generally should be GET or POST).
429Your app is making too many requests and is being rate limited. 429s can trigger on a per-app or per-project or per-user basis.
5xxServer error.