Frequently Asked Questions

Smartsnips Basics

What is a Smartsnip?

Smartsnips are designed to capture the insights you form while consuming content (i.e. curate your insights).   They contain an insight you author, a ‘snip’ of content that triggered your insight, tags, notes and the curated source itself – including the exact location of the ‘snip’ within that larger source.  We believe they represent an atomic unit of learning/knowledge as they represent one insight based on one bit of evidence located within one source document.

Why is it important to curate the source as part of the Smartsnip?

Smartsnips are designed to be trusted, credible knowledge objects that can be shared with others, relied upon for use in knowledge work and have long-term business value.  Curating the source and exact location within the source preserves the context and provides instant verification and credibility through 1-click access to the source and context.

How do you create/author a Smartsnip?

As you consume content with the aid of Smartsnips tools, when you form a new insight, you can capture the triggering excerpt with a mouse-swipe, enter your insight, tags and notes, and voila -- you have captured a Smartsnip.  The curated source and exact location within the source is automagically captured and linked.

Who can author Smartsnips?

Anyone with a Smartsnips account.

Who can view Smartsnips?

Anyone with a Smartsnips account.


What is the Smartsnips platform?

The Smartsnips platform is web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) consisting of two components:

  • The Smartsnips Cloud where users can consume and author insights they have created, as well as those of their colleagues across the organization (see feature list)
  • Connectors to the Smartsnips cloud, which are integrations into 3rd party applications for authoring and sharing Smartsnips (e.g. Slack, Google Chrome)

Where does the software work?

Users can view and use the Smartsnips cloud just about anywhere:

  • All major operating systems (Windows, IOS, macOS, Android, Linux)
  • All major devices: laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile phones
  • Modern versions of all major browsers: Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari & Firefox

Users can currently author insights:

  • From documents: currently available on laptops and desktops using modern versions of all major browsers: Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari & Firefox
  • From web content: optimized for laptops and desktops using Chrome

What content types are currently supported?

We currently support the curation and snipping of web content and most document formats including PDF, Word, PPT and other common text-based formats.   Support for audio and video content is on our future product roadmap.

Who sells Smartsnips

Pandexio sells Smartsnips directly.  Smartsnips are also available through our SI partners DXC/Tribridge.

How is Smartsnips priced?

Smartsnips is priced on a Per User / Per Month basis, tiered based on the size of the organization.  The Chrome extension authoring integration is included.  Additional connectors can be purchased separately.

How do we implement Smartsnips?

Implementing Smartsnips is easy.  Clients can be up and running as fast as 2 weeks and fully deployed in 6 weeks.  Implementation involves account setup, setting strategic objectives for using curated insights to build and scale employee expertise and training of both insight authors and insight users.


Who can see the Smartsnips I create?

You control the visibility/privacy of Smartsnips you create within the Smartsnips cloud.  The default setting is ‘company’ so your Smartsnips will be visible to anyone in your company – this is to encourage broad sharing of knowledge.  You can set them to be visible only to you or a specific team in cases where they involve sensitive information.

Can I share Smartsnips with my co-workers?

Yes, in fact the primary goal of Smartsnips is knowledge sharing with co-workers.  The Smartsnips Cloud provides an easy, automated way to make your Smartsnips accessible to your co-workers.

Can I share Smartsnips with someone outside my organization?

External sharing is currently supported through the ability to whitelist external email addresses into teams.  Other means of sharing externally are being considered as part of our future product roadmap.

Can I delete Smartsnips?

Yes, if (1) you are the author, and (2) nobody has yet ‘relied’ upon your Smartsnips by sharing them with others or adding them into a topic or hyperpoint.  You cannot delete Smartsnips you did not author. 

Can I edit Smartsnips?

For Smartsnips you author, you can always edit your insight, notes and tags (at any time).  You cannot edit the Smartsnips you did not create, although if you incorporate Smartsnips into Hyperpoints, you can add your own insight that will show in place of the author’s original insight.

Can others delete or edit my Smartsnips?

No, with the exception of administrators who can remove documents and all associated Smartsnip content.