Turn your research into your own knowledge-base

Research and learn collaboratively, as a team

Assigned a team project?  Pandexio was built on a collaborative foundation. Add your team members to a project, and everyone sees documents being loaded, snips created, comments being made – practically in real-time.  Notifications and “new” indicators keep everyone abreast of what’s new.  Now everyone can research and learn together.

Gather, extract and absorb like a machine

When you need to learn a topic fast, you don’t have time for printers, highlighters or sticky notes.  Pandexio enables you to capture the needles from your haystack fast, while maintaining the connection to the source documents for reference/context. 

Churn out papers like a pro

When you snip in Pandexio, you capture the text layer in addition to images.  Simply copy and paste key quotes, charts or stats right into your paper.

Free Beta for academic or personal use