Crucial questions companies can't answer today

  • What content is being consumed by my employees?  How much?  By whom?

  • what are they learning?  what are they adding? Who is generating knowledge?

  • How efficiently is the knowledge being produced?  What is the quality?

  • who is sharing knowledge?  how much?  who is using it?

  • Where is knowledge being applied?  What processes?  What applications?

  • Where is lack of knowledge impacting execution?  What processes?  What roles?

  • How does the quantity, quality and efficiency of our knowledge production compare to our peers?

Smartsnips change the game.  Smartsnips are measurable, trackable units of knowledge that can provide answers to these questions and enable knowledge to be managed as a process.

Smartsnips enable knowledge to be measured and managed as a process.  We call it knowledge flow.


Re-envisioning how we leverage our human capital and content resources to improve business process execution




Problem: the clients sales teams need to get up to speed on new products much faster in order to hit revenue numbers and compete

Solution: Let's analyze how knowledge from the product and R&D groups flows into Salesforce records.  What is the key source content?  Which personnel have the best knowledge and perspective for creating Smartsnips?  From within which enterprise system? How should that knowledge get packaged and attached to Salesforce records?

Knowledge flow enables companies to use their existing personnel and systems in a more strategic and targeted manner.  They can use it as a delivery mechanism for routing expertise that exists in one area of the company, to teams in another area of the company who need that expertise in order to perform better.  The expertise gets delivered in a ubiquitous, workflow-embedded way for maximum adoption and utilization, and produces a measurable sub-process that can be optimized over time.

The Knowledge Flow Maturity (KFM) Model provides a roadmap for knowledge enterprises seeking to measure and manage knowledge as a process


And serves as the playbook for business consultants who seek to help them