Future workers: how they add value going forward

Five key characteristics of workers who will survive and thrive in the future:

  1. Present as experts.  Non-experts will get automated or outsourced.  Those with strong critical thinking and problem solving skills will thrive.
  2. Work with the actionable 2%.  The overloaded and overwhelmed won’t be able to keep up or add value.  Focusing on what matters is crucial.
  3. Have a pocket brain.  Nobody can hold everything they need to know in their head.  With a pocket brain they won’t have to.
  4. Are networked to other experts.  The expertise of a single person is very limited. All will be required to leverage the wisdom of their network.
  5. Are instrumented.  Gone are the days when knowledge workers were an intellectual black-box.  Transparency will reign and value will be determined by what employees know, contribute and apply.

These characteristics all point toward workers who operate at the insight-level, and are not overwhelmed with information/content.