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Low-impact collaboration is stifling enterprise performance

Meetings, chat threads and email chains all have one thing in common: too much noise and too little signal

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Today’s enterprise succeeds or fails based on the results of knowledge worker collaboration

They are the most expensive half of the workforce

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Who execute the most expensive enterprise process

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That makes or breaks enterprise performance

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 Their collaboration is overwhelmingly dominated by social, tactical, low-impact communications

Meeting Execution

Most meetings are informational, the pre-read process is broken and half the time is wasted getting people ‘up-to-speed’


SME collaboration

SME time is finite and it is often wasted in peripheral meetings and redundant questions, leading to high levels of burnout (HBR 2016)

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Information sharing

The #1 way insights are ‘shared’ today is by document attachments, which we call ‘attachment bombing’ (HR.COM, 2018)

Three reasons why actionable insights, the fuel for high-impact collaboration, are barely utilized

Technology gap

no systematic way for people to save or share insights digitally (lost / scattered in brain cells, sticky notes);

Skills gap

people need support communicating them in a bottom-line, actionable way (we auto-analyze & guide for actionability);

Analytics gap

leaders lack the metrics and visibility they need to measure, manage and reward insight communications

Insights defined: knowledge worker thinking applied to a relevant bit of information: it’s business value, how and why it is actionable. All thinking people form them in their heads – each a potential business game-changer.

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We enable the digital capture and communication of insights so leaders can optimize collaboration quality

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 In high-stakes collaboration, key insights can be the difference between success or failure

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Shared insights can drive performance gains across the workforce

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Design and feature set tailored to new generations of knowledge workers

Platform inspired by familiar tools and apps used heavily by today’s employees

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Comprehensive feature set for capturing, organizing & sharing insights

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We are the world’s experts on capturing and sharing evidence-based insights for improving performance