How It Works

Pandexio is at its core about knowledge: getting it, managing it, sharing it and communicating with it. 

Organize & Share your reading

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In the Pandexio Dashboard, you can create projects, add documents (.docs, PDFs, web pages, Powerpoints, Images and more) and project members, keeping all of the things you need in one shared place.

Read and Snip

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When you, or anyone in your project, is reading one of your documents and you find an idea – a fact, chart, quote, statistic – you can snip it to create a shareable bit of knowledge called a SmartSnip. Smartsnips can be accessed by anyone in your project, even if they never bother opening the document.

Access, Share & Discuss your Hypersnips  

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The thing about SmartSnips is that you or someone in your project has found something valuable and pulled it out to share, discuss or access later

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Pandexio Mobile

All of the knowledge in your SmartSnips are ready for you on your mobile, desktop and tablet browsers. 

Making Your Point

When it comes time to communicate, facts themselves become the basis for your points. Our Hyperpoints let you collect, organize and present your ideas with easy access to your sources without jumping out away.

For Active Readers

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WHAT: a systematic way to capture and manage knowledge

Pandexio is a system for capturing, retaining and accessing what you learn from what you read.

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HOW: snipping instead of highlighting

Instead of highlighting documents and web pages, you snip them into bits of knowledge we call SmartSnips.

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WHY: so you can focus on the 2% you need 

Documents and web pages are information haystacks. Pandexio enables you to work directly with the needles.

For Executive Decision Makers

WHAT: a superior information format for making decisions

Bottom-line Hyperpoints enable you to drill down from conclusion to reasoning, facts and sources.

HOW: your team captures knowledge in an organized way

Pandexio is a system for capturing knowledge while reading, in format that is easy to work with and share.

WHY: verifiable, team-tested intelligence to support decisions

Transparency and team input on sources, facts on conclusions.