Use-case example: research/consulting

Mary is a 3rd year business consultant trying to land a new client.  She has five days to become a marketing expert on prosthetic ear drums.  She has to absorb and synthesize thousands of pages and present as an expert, and is dreading all the:

  • Copying, pasting & manual referencing
  • Sticky notes & yellow pads
  • Content management 

Surely one of her colleagues has done this before?  She badly needs a better way to convert raw content into domain knowledge that doesn't leave her and everyone else constantly reinventing the wheel.  Fortunately, her company is now implementing Smartsnips.  Here's how things work for Mary going forward.

All knowledge in one spot

Mary now has a smartsnips cloud


Now Mary can use her Smartsnips tools to harvest all her insights from the content so she can 'read once and remember forever. She effectively converts all the documents and web content to a knowledge base of Smartsnips she can access any time.  And since she found a ton of Smartsnips from her colleagues on this topic, she was able to both (1) leverage their expert knowledge; and (2) save a lot of time.

Fast access from her phone

Mary now has a pocket brain


Now that Mary has effectively pre-programmed her 'pocket brain' with Smartsnips, she can relax.  She doesn't have to worry about forgetting any of it, and has fingertip access anytime, anywhere on any device.