IP Filings to date: 

Collaboration management systems

Activity-stream viewer/snipper for collaborating about document content within activity streams

Website excerpt validation and management system

Browser-embedded viewer/snippers for capturing and snipping web pages

Metadata management system

Rights and privileges management for multi-layer information objects

Assertion quality and management system

Replacing the folly of footnotes with an efficient, effective solution

Assessing reading comprehension and critical thinking using snip objects

Use of multi-layer snip objects in education to streamline and advance the learning process

Knowledge object and collaboration management system

Our Hyperpoint object: the most efficient and effective way to communicate and consume knowledge

Authoring system and method for incorporating organizational knowledge into written communications

Searching, embedding and tracking the consumption of multi-layer snip objects within authored content

System and method for transmitting organizational knowledge to and from reading applications

Creating multi-layer snip objects that add to the network knowledge graph as users consume content