Pandexio’s technology is used in the Smartsnip platform services provided by Pandexio and its commercial partners.  This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The below functional areas are addressed by the pending patents listed, and may be covered by other pending or issued U.S. and foreign patents.



1. Collaboration management system.  Activity-stream viewer/snipper for collaborating about document content within activity streams. [utility filing]

2. Website excerpt validation and management system.  Browser-embedded viewer/snippers for creating multi-layer snip objects from web pages. [utility filing]

3. Metadata management system.  Rights and privileges management for multi-layer knowledge objects.  [utility filing]

4. Assertion quality and management system.  Replaces the concept of footnotes/citations with embedded, curated, linked-content system.  [utility filing]

5. Assessing reading comprehension and critical thinking using snip objects.  Use of multi-layer snip objects for measurement and assessment of the learning process.  [utility filing]

6. Knowledge object and collaboration management system.  Management of multi-layer snip objects assembled into a multi-dimensional structure for drill-down access/consumption.  [utility filing]

7. Authoring system and method for incorporating organizational knowledge into written communications.  Searching, embedding and tracking the consumption of multi-layer snip objects within authored content.  [provisional filing]

8. System and method for transmitting organizational knowledge to and from reading applications.  Creating multi-layer snip objects from reading applications, generating a network knowledge graph as users consume content.  [provisional filing]