Smartsnips Intro Video

How it works

  • Attach a document to a post
  • Once saved, a document card appears in the workspace
  • Click on the document thumbnail to open and view the document
  • Drag your mouse anywhere on the document and release to snip what’s important
  • Your team members can now directly access your snips and collaborate about them
  • To TRY IT NOW, log into Mavenlink and attach a document to a post. When the thumbnail appears, click, view and snip!

Powerful for


  • Content sharing and collaboration

  • Document/content analysis

  • Team and individual research

  • Capturing reading notes and ideas

  • Rapid learning (individual/team)

  • Turning documents into a knowledge base

Sample Use Cases

1.      Content sharing and collaboration

Usually when a document is attached to a post, everyone has to read the whole thing to zero in on what’s important.  Now, Mavenlink users can post, snip, and everyone can focus on just the important stuff.

2.      Document analysis

Some documents require intense analysis – like lease agreements, contracts, schematics, detailed reports and whitepapers.  Our embedded snipping functionality enables efficient focus on the crucial 2%, creating clarity and reducing overwhelm.

3.      Bottom-line briefings

Bottom-line facts, findings and conclusions are often a hard requirement.  For demanding executives who need to make decisions, or salespeople who need to be experts yet have the attention-span of a gnat.  Our embedded snipping tools make it easy to turn voluminous document sets into bottom-line snips that everyone can consume fast.

Mavenlink Case Study: Users Create Smartsnips

Mavenlink has been the first deployment of a Smartsnip-enabled application, and has demonstrated that Smartsnips are intuitive to create and use.  With a zero-training and a zero-touch rollout of a v1 Smartsnips integration, the results across 500+ companies have been as follows:

  • Mavenlink users have created and consumed over 200,000 Smartsnips in six months
  • Active user rates exceed 50% per month
  • Active users create 11 snips/month and consume 20 snips/month

About Mavenlink

Mavenlink delivers cloud-based software and services that transform how businesses do work with distributed teams, contractors, and clients.  Mavenlink enables organizations of any size to successfully manage and scale their people, projects, and profits.  In less than five years, Mavenlink has grown to reach more than 750,000 users in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 2015, Mavenlink was named a 2015 Cool Vendor by Gartner, the world's leading technology research and advisory firm.   Mavenlink has also been recognized as the #1 Google app download of all time.