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Capture all employee insights in one centralized cloud-based platform


Content is FUEL for critical thinkers and it is scattered all over the enterprise. We make it drag-and-drop simple to load in Pandexio, which auto-converts and curates it for cloud viewing and snipping. Web content can be snipped on-the-fly with our Chrome Extension and our robust suite of APIs enables Pandexio to be plugged into just about any content (/fuel) source: file stores, CMSs and sync engines, content curation platforms, etc. 

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Pandexio empowers two employee types: critical thinkers who generate insights and those who seek to apply them

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This is around 5%-10% of employees.  They will be the ones capturing their insights in Smartsnips, building the intellectual capital that can be used by the rest of the organization.  Anyone can be a critical thinker, researchers and consultants will fall here.


These employees may not capture their own insights, but in their pursuit of high-performance they seek to be as knowledgeable as possible.  High-performing sales personnel and customer support personnel will fall here.

Unprecedented analytics on critical thinking, insight formation and use across the organization

Cracking open the black box

Until Pandexio, we have been flying blind when it comes to understanding how employees think, form insights from information and connect the dots.  With Pandexio, critical thinking becomes transparent.  Executive leaders can finally measure, manage and optimize it.  They can see who creates insights, on which topics, who uses them and who shares them.  Employees can get credit for their intellectual contributions.  And that's just scratching the surface on what can be done here.