How curated insightsTM can transform knowledge workers into experts

What are curated insights?

Annotations can be more than just comments -- they can capture what people learn from content as they consume it. Out of all the information employees are bombarded with on a daily basis, they represent the actionable take-aways -- the things employees learn and need to use, apply & share to get stuff done. The question today is: where the heck are they?  Curated insights solve this problem.


A curated insights platform is a software system your employees can use to create, manage and share the insights they form while consuming content.  It enables insight-capture at the time and place of formation -- while they are consuming content within their daily workflow.

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It does not matter where this content exists.  Employees access and store content across numerous systems: content curation platforms, local file systems, sync engines, web browsers. Wherever your employees can access content, they should be able to capture the insights they learn from it (and share them).

Introducing Smartsnips®

The world's first and only insight curation platform

The concept is simple: everyone captures their insights from information in the same way, from within the systems they already use, and into a shared company brain in the cloud. No more insights lost in documents or heads and they no longer walk out the door with the employee.  Everyone no longer has to read everything or be an expert on everything.  Instead they get instant access to each other’s insights for making smart decisions and getting stuff done.

Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50X smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content.  Smartsnips make it fast and easy for employees to curate and share their insights from content as they read, think and learn. 

Our mission: future-proof the workforce

We now live in a insights-driven economy. To remain competitive in the future, the workforce must become more efficient and effective at converting raw information to actionable insights. That’s not going to happen as long as we continue using 1980’s methods to process information – e.g. attempting to memorize it or leaving it pigeon-holed in documents buried deep in folder systems. We need to get better at using information to learn, think, transfer knowledge, form conclusions and make business decisions.  Learn more about us here.