LMS course-based training covers only 10% of employee learning – Smartsnips address the 90%

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Smartsnips can transform your existing social and collaboration systems into one big content creation and learning machine


Employee's store their training in two places: brain cells and documents.  Both present serious re-access issues.


Not the most reliable place to store information.  According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, 42% is gone within 20 minutes, 72% within two days.  Memorization is just as effective in the corporate world as it was in Middle School. 


Take-away documents get filed (hopefully).  To re-access them, the employee will have to remember the name of the folder, sub-folder, sub-sub-folder.... and ultimately the name of the document. Then, they start reading.....

What if we leveraged the LMS to make employee knowledge more accessible?

We should not have to memorize everything. Not in today's hyper-information world.  Today, in 15-seconds on an iPhone, the average 5th grader can retrieve turn-by-turn directions to gas station in Canada  (complete with a satellite view of the surrounding wildlife).  What if our own knowledge was this accessible?

There is a new Sherriff in town -- a quick-draw they call the Smartsnip


With Smartsnips, your LMS social features transform a workforce into a knowledge-generating machine


Think crowd-sourced Cliff-notes for corporate content

Key Benefits of Employee-Generated, Pre-Packaged, Accessible Knowledge


  • Content creation is no longer a bottleneck to learning

  • Your workforce can largely train itself

  • Updating employee knowledge via Smartsnips is much faster than creating new content and deploying a new training program

  • Unlike brain-stored knowledge, Smartsnip-stored knowledge doesn't fade or distort -- it remains consistent (e.g. sales messaging consistency)

  • Unlike brain-stored knowledge, you can measure and monitor employee use of Smartsnips

  • Smartsnips can dramatically expand the capacity of employees to leverage the knowledge of others