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Keynote: Building a Network of Agent Experts to Amp Up Contact Center Performance

If you are responsible for your customers’ satisfaction or your employees’ performance in the call center, then you’re already leaning in on the enormous impact that automation is having on the “day in a life of” your agents and their responsibilities. Machines, AI, and smart systems are changing the work they do, how they do, and how quickly (or not) they answer all of your customers’ questions with accuracy, speed, and empathy.

In this session, Bob and Laci will offer evidence-based insights on today’s accelerated transformation of the business climate, how new third generation HR technology solutions are facilitating the transformation of agents from information users to insights experts, how insights experts are solving customers’ more complex problems and inquires faster, and what you should be doing to leverage the coming together of technology (insight curation platforms) and humans (insights experts) to maintain a relevant, high-performing contact center.