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The Rise of Automation and Implications on Knowledge Workers: be a SME or Get Automated

If you are responsible for leading a business function and optimizing the performance of people, then you are paying attention to the enormous impact that automation will have on your workplace and workforce. Machines and cognitive systems will change how AND how well work gets done. 
Advances in robotics have already started displacing entire job categories in the services sector: self-driving vehicles, drones and warehouse robots to name a few.  And, that’s just the beginning. Cognitive systems – software that can read, hear and think – are re-writing the capability requirements for today’s knowledge workers.  As lower-level knowledge processes will increasingly get automated, the bar will rise on the critical thinking and problem solving skills workers need to remain relevant and viable.  Today’s invaluable employees are insights experts, not information users. 
Leading organizations are focused on how they can develop and manage a workforce of insights experts.  Based on trending and recent research from Deloitte, IBM, Laci Loew & Company LLC, McKinsey, and others, today’s business performance relies on the relentless pursuit of building experts faster. Top-performing organizations are committed to augmenting human ability to understand, synthesize and evaluate the mass amounts of information bombarding their workforce 24x7.  They seek faster, better ways of identifying experts, empowering them to quickly filter out actionable insights, and bring experts together to expose the power of “brilliance in the collective” that was never before possible.  
This webcast in “fireside chat” style will offer insights on the transformation of the business climate over the last 20+ years, how today’s cognitive systems are facilitating the transformation of workers from information users to insights experts, how insights experts are evolving their capabilities, and what you should be doing to leverage the coming together of technology (cognitive systems) and humans (insights experts) to maintain a relevant, high-performing workforce.