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HR.COM 2018 Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey - Results Webcast

When it comes to planning for the workforce of the future, are you doing all you should be? Do you wonder how you are measuring up? 

Established this year, the Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey captures the preparation plans, readiness, and practices of participants all over the world. Launched for the first time, we are pleased to present the survey findings from Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey 2018. Results of the study address organizations’ preparation and readiness to build a workforce capable of meeting business goals in year 2020 and beyond. Results cover vital topics such as drivers and barriers of workforce change, employee capabilities and expectations for getting tomorrow’s work done, next generation technology solutions essential for enabling workers of the future, organizational structure that facilitates or hinders how workers of the future work, talent practices that optimize worker productivity in the future, and how the contributions of workers of the future will be measured. 

Join us as we share the major survey findings from our inaugural study and hear how the findings will impact your business, human capital, and learning strategies in the future. In this intriguing discussion, the survey results will be complimented with insights from industry thought leaders, the study’s sponsor and one of the data analysts. The discussion will include suggestions and recommendations on how listeners may wish to act on important survey findings among them including: 
Most organizations are not armed with a workforce capable of meeting “Year 2020+” business goals.
Almost all organizations plan to shift to a networked organizational structure to support the workforce of the future.
Almost three quarters of organizations acknowledge new third gen HR technology will guide critical changes in how Workforce 2020+ gets work done.
More than 75 percent of organizations say “analytical thinking” is a requirement for workers of the future.