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Leapfrog Tomorrow’s Competition with Workforce Expertise Today – 140 Characters at a Time

Workforce obsolescence is real, historically cyclical, and we’re in one of those cycles right now.  The 2020+ requirement is a workforce of critical-thinking experts standing ready to make better decisions faster, which is not how most companies would describe their employees today.  Today’s employees:
•    Are generally overloaded with information
•    Often forget or lose key facts and insights
•    Frequently operate in silos – functional and knowledge
•    Typically think at a routine, pedestrian level simply gathering information
•    Take their knowledge with them when they leave the team or company

The Workforce 2020 expectation is that every employee will be an expert on any area they touch - that they have all the right answers, facts and sources at their fingertips and can apply and demonstrate high-level thinking (critical, analytical, systems, etc.) to solve real business problems – big or small. If not, they will be perceived as lacking credibility or incompetent in meetings, on sales and service calls, in presentations and across their social networks. No matter how many LMSs or learning experience platforms you buy, they will not change this because they are not designed to. There is a huge gap between where workforce expertise is currently and where it needs to be.  Honestly, assessing that gap today for your organization is crucial to making the right technology decisions and ensuring your viability tomorrow.