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Point-of-Work Insights – The New Frontier for Boosting Performance

Content and knowledge alone cannot drive performance—they contribute to potential. That is a root of today’s workforce productivity plateau and lack of organizational agility. Exemplary performance does not manifest until employees are productive at their point-of-work (PoW). This means that knowledge and experience need to converge with work, and doing this effectively starts with a Point-of-Work assessment and requires a solution that enables continual sharing of insights in the flow of work. In our current workforce ecosystem, Point-of-Work is out of scope. The LMS is not designed to support PoW insight sharing, the learning experience platform (LEP/LXP) offers more content but not intended to help employees extract just the actionable insights from all that content. The intent of learning portals and traditional performance support systems is the same – to serve up valuable content to develop skills and know how. However, to boost performance (individual productivity and organizational agility) and improve the overall employee experience in today’s new world of work, we must change both our conversation and our tactics and remove our stakeholders’ blind spot: expecting improved performance from current approaches and technology.

Webinar deck available here.