Our thought leadership on curated insights

the 5 disruptive trends that call for insight curation

The world we work in is being disrupted faster than at any point in human history. We’re just getting used to mobile and social technologies, and now cognitive systems and robots are arriving.  What does this mean for our employees?  How will they keep pace and remain relevant?  
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our broken cycle of learning and knowledge sharing

We estimate the average Fortune 500 workforce creates 50 Million insights per year from consuming content.  So where are they?  How are insights being applied? Pushing more content to our employees is not going to fix this problem (and is more likely to exacerbate it).
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future workers: how they add value going forward

Workers who survive and thrive in the future will present as experts, work directly with the actionable 2%, access it fast from their pocket brain, and quickly tap into the expertise of their peers. Is that your workforce?  Are you equipped to measure and manage these processes?
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