1. Embed our product into your product to provide a seamless user experience.

Add a "view & snip" link next to the documents stored in your system.  That will launch our hosted viewer just like a Google-Docs integration.

View and snip link.png

Think of us as turn-key content consumption-as-a-service.

2. Incorporate our ingredient branding into your primary branding.

Pandexio ingredient branding

Pandexio icon for partner-embedded view & snip links

Containers for chrome extension to house partner favicon

Pandexio favicon.png
Pandexio blank blue icon-16.png
Pandexio blank white icon-16.png

3. We arm arm you for success with promotional materials, including this website, our blog and various forms of video content.

A sampling of materials created for one of our partners

Mavenlink PPT 1.png
Mavenlink PPT 2.png
Mavenlink PPT 3.png

We can also attend customer meetings and demos when warranted.

4. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use API makes integration fast and easy.


Tech stuff:

  • RESTful API
  • JSON-based
  • We dogfood our own API
  • Authentication per request
  • All requests digitally signed
  • All requests encrypted over SSL

5. We provide exceptional security

Application security

Data and physical security

  • Microsoft Azure hosting for all data storage and processing
  • Geo-redundant data storage and processing
  • Certifications include ISO 27001, SSAE 16 and provisional Fedramp


  • All documents are private, viewed only after confirmation of a valid signed request
  • All content is served using ephemeral URLs
  • We prevent file downloads
  • Standard authentication mechanisms built into the social auth providers (OpenAuth and Oauth)
  • Secure single sign-on
  • Secure partner API
  • SSL on all websites and API

6. We offer flexible deployment options



  • Software-as-a-service hosted at Azure
  • Private cloud deployments for large accounts
  • Custom storage integration for large accounts