Pandexio Granted Patent on Assessing the Quality of Curated Insights at Scale

HERMOSA BEACH, Ca., September 21, 2017 – Pandexio, Inc., the leader in curated insightsTM, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,613,136 for assessing the quality of insights curated from content in the form of micro-learning objects (Smartsnips ® ). This is the second patent granted to Pandexio out of a portfolio of eight patents filed to date, with more grant announcements expected later this year.

For curated content such as blogs, documents, social posts, and websites, quality is often assessed via a rating system where readers manually assign a rating system such as stars (1-5) or thumbs up/down.  Insight curation calls for more sophisticated, objective and automated methods. Smartsnips are multi-layered content objects that include curated source content, a specific excerpt from that source content, and the employee/expert’s insight formed from that excerpt – all hyperlinked together automatically. The degree to which insight authors and viewers traverse these layers has an impact on the validity and merits of rating systems.

Because Smartsnips are also modular objects that can be organized, synthesized, embedded and shared across employee networks, these user ‘interactions’ open up automated ways of assessing quality – objectively, and independently of manual, subjective systems.  
“This patent is an important part of our innovation related to insight capture, curation and sharing,” says John Burge, CEO of Pandexio. “Our multi-layered data structure is key to lightweight objects that are credible, verifiable and modular.  This patent provides the novel software technology for assessing and managing their quality at scale, which is crucial for ordering search results, identifying experts among a workforce, and enabling the efficient dissemination of expertise across a workforce.”

The Smartsnips technology platform enables insight curation and sharing at scale, including within the applications employees currently use to do their work such as web browsers, social networks, productivity applications, learning experience platforms and project management tools. Smartsnips technology is available to enterprises both directly and through Pandexio distribution/implementation partners such as Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company.

"If knowledge workers are going to keep pace with the growing information load in today’s digital world and continue adding value, they need to work with needles instead of haystacks, they need more signal and less noise” says Bob Danna, Retired Deloitte Managing Director and Pandexio Board Member. “Insight curation moves us to a whole new level of value above and beyond curating the underlying raw content. It gets us directly working with actionable bits of wisdom shared among experts. We believe Smartsnips will revolutionize how organizations have traditionally approached learning, knowledge sharing and performance support. This also provides organizations a very tangible and direct way to execute on the 70/20 part of 70/20/10.”

About Pandexio:
Pandexio developed the Smartsnips SaaS platform – the leading curated insights solution. Smartsnips make it easy for employees to curate and share their insights from content in real-time as they read, think and learn. Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50X smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content (which are too much information to filter, manage, and synthesize). Smartsnips provide relief from information overload and memorization, enabling employees to work directly with each other’s actionable wisdom, leveraging the expertise of peers to make smarter decisions, faster.  Smartsnips is a third generation HR technology platform that can work within and across the applications employees already use to consume content and get their work done. Pandexio is the world's expert on insight curation -- with the team, platform, and intellectual property to back it up.