Pandexio Granted Patent on its Hyperpoint Knowledge-object for Performance Support and Micro-learning

HERMOSA BEACH, Ca., March 19, 2018 – Pandexio, Inc., the leading authority on curated insightsTM and enabling technology, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,773,000, titled Knowledge Object and Collaboration Management System. This is the third patent granted to Pandexio out of a portfolio of eight patents filed to date related to the curation of insights, with more grant announcements expected later this year.

Curated insights refer to the bits of wisdom formed in the mind of individuals when they consume key excerpts of information, which are then digitally captured/curated for recall and sharing. Hyperpoints® are 3-layer information objects that enable users to zoom-in-and-out from high-level curated insights down to source content via simple mouse-clicks. They are created by dragging and dropping curated insights within the Smartsnips® platform and reflect the critical thinking and expertise of individuals using the platform.

An example Hyperpoint can be viewed here.  

“For decades people have sought after bottom-line information for brevity while simultaneously desiring the underlying evidence/sources for credibility.  These two concepts have historically competed, to the frustration of practically everyone working with digital information” says John Burge, CEO of Pandexio.  “With Hyperpoints, executive decision-makers and everyday knowledge consumers can have their cake and eat it too.  In the same way that BI dashboards enable us to drill down from high-level information to granular details in a mouse-click, Hyperpoints do the same for the content individuals work with daily.”

The Patent granted to Pandexio addresses the computing and software functionality required to manage the data structure of the Hyperpoint, including their creation and consumption.  Each layer of the Hyperpoint is vertically hyperlinked to the layers above and below.  The Hyperpoint functionality enables employees to synthesize the insights they have curated from multiple pieces of source content, curate these insights into higher-level insights, including conclusions, and actionable information to support business decisions.  The vertical hyperlinks enable Hyperpoint viewers to control the level of detail they need to see on any given insight, including drilling down to source documents for context and verification. 

“The Hyperpoint will ultimately prove a game-changer for sales enablement, contact centers, product development and R&D, corporate learning, employee on-boarding, executive briefings and really anywhere that actionable knowledge and information is needed” says Bob Danna, Retired Deloitte Managing Director and Executive Chairman of Pandexio.  “I believe it is the most powerful human-human knowledge transfer data structure developed to date.  We have been seeking a solution like this for performance support, knowledge management and corporate learning for decades.  Hyperpoints represent the ultimate in user-generated content and micro-learning: quick and easy to consume, yet with all the credibility, context and underlying evidence baked into the data structure when needed.” 

Pandexio has become the leading voice on curating individual insights as opposed to just curating content.  Content – the necessary fuel for thinking – is also driving a feeling of information overwhelm across our global workforce.   Pandexio’s curated insights are Twitter-sized and limited to 140 characters.  Pandexio thought-leadership has addressed the critical need for companies to prepare their workforce to compete in the future, including recognizing employee insights as intellectual capital, providing practical solutions to information overload and focusing on accelerating the information-to-insight processes across their workforce. 

About Pandexio
Pandexio developed the Smartsnips SaaS platform – the leading curated insights solution. Smartsnips empower employee critical thinking by making it easy for them to curate and share their insights from content in real-time as they read, think and learn. Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50X smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content (which are too much information to filter, manage, and synthesize). Smartsnips provide relief from information overload and memorization, enabling employees to work directly with each other’s actionable wisdom, leveraging the expertise of peers to make smarter decisions, faster. Smartsnips is a next generation enterprise technology platform that can work within and across the applications employees already use to consume content and get their work done.