Pandexio releases the world’s first scoring and coaching system to capture and share evidence-based insights

HERMOSA BEACH, Ca., May 4, 2018 – Pandexio, Inc., the leading authority on curated insightsTM and enabling technology, today announced the release of new functionality that scores the strength of evidence-based insights based on a 5-factor rubric (patent-pending). The new functionality provides individuals real-time guidance on forming stronger, more actionable insights as they consume information and enables insight strength to be used as one factor in ordering insight search results.

“Companies need employees who can think critically about information, yet today they have no way to measure critical thinking and content consumption in general is a black box,” says Bob Danna, Retired Deloitte Managing Director and Executive Chairman of Pandexio.  “We started by providing employees a platform for curating their insights from content. Now we are helping them create better insights by critically thinking about the content they are consuming and how it informs actions of their colleagues and business decisions. Nobody has ever systematically done this and it has been needed for decades.”

Pandexio has risen to become the leading voice on curating employee insights as opposed to just curating the underlying content.  Content – the necessary fuel for thinking – is also driving a feeling of information overload across our global workforce.   Curated insights on the other hand, are limited to 140 characters – tweet-sized with a focus on conveying a complete bit of wisdom/insight.  Pandexio’s view is that the insights employees form in response to content is the true driver of business value. Pandexio’s new insight scoring functionality enables companies to measure, manage and optimize employee critical thinking about the information they are consuming and using.

“Critical thinking has been our #1 recruiting factor for employees for years, yet when they walk in the door we don’t provide them tools for critically thinking about information or how it informs job-related actions and decisions,” says John Burge, CEO of Pandexio.  “When new employees walk into companies using Smartsnips, it should take them 2-3 clicks to access the most actionable insights from the most relevant people to their job role.  Our new scoring functionality will be key to this, enabling the most actionable insights from the brightest minds in the company to float to the top.  Additionally, this will democratize the development and sharing of insights since the scoring tool is blind to position in the organization, tenure, age, gender, and ethnicity – wisdom comes in many forms and from a very wide variety of individuals.”

Pandexio’s thought-leadership has addressed the critical need for companies to prepare their workforce to compete in the future. This includes recognizing employee insights as intellectual capital that reflects critical thinking, and to accelerate the information-to-insight process across their workforce. 

About Pandexio: Pandexio developed the Smartsnips® SaaS platform – the leading curated insightsTM solution. Smartsnips empower employee critical thinking by making it easy for them to curate and share their insights from content in real-time as they read, think and learn. Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50X smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content (which are too much information to filter, manage, and synthesize). Smartsnips provide relief from information overload and memorization, enabling employees to work directly with each other’s actionable wisdom, leveraging the expertise of peers to make smarter decisions, faster. Smartsnips is a third generation HR technology platform that can work within and across the applications employees already use to consume content and get their work done. Smartsnips technology is available to enterprises both directly and through Pandexio distribution /implementation partners such as Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company.