Pandexio Announces Release of Progressive Web App Technology for Distributing Evidence-Based Insights Across the Workforce

HERMOSA BEACH, Ca., September 28, 2018 – Pandexio, the leader in curated insightsTM and enabling technology, announced today the release of its next-generation platform based on Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Pandexio is one of the first software providers in the HCM space to deploy a solution based on PWA technology.

“As employees capture their insights with Pandexio in a digital, evidence-based way, we want to distribute those insights across the workforce to the point of need, which will often be a Smartphone” said John Burge, CEO of Pandexio. “PWA technology makes this faster and easier by eliminating app downloads and repetitive page refreshes at each login.”

Pandexio has risen to become the leading voice on curating employee insights as opposed to just curating the underlying content. Curated insights represent the output of employee critical thinking about content – what it means, how it informs actions, decisions, innovation and problem-solving. They are intentionally limited to 140 characters – concise, tweet-sized with a focus on conveying a complete bit of wisdom/insight. Pandexio’s view is that the insights employees form in response to the content they consume is the true driver of business value – that in the future, companies will be competing on the insights they form and use, not the raw content they store.

“Our goal is to provide every employee access to their colleague’s insights,” says Bob Danna, Executive Chairman of Pandexio. “PWA technology helps all employees get faster, fingertip access to the actionable insights they need to add business value – whether by searching, browsing or their insights feed – by effectively turning their Smartphones into a ‘pocket-brain’ containing the wisdom of the entire organization.”

Progressive web apps are the latest push in mobile development, and the transition to PWA’s is being driven by Google, Apple and Microsoft. They combine the best of web apps and native apps: the on-the-fly updating and data freshness of web apps with the feel and performance of a native app. Some of the world’s biggest brands have now deployed PWAs, including Pinterest, Twitter, Forbes, Starbucks, Uber and others.

"It is critical that insights be distributed and accessible in a way that caters to the modern, mobile workforce," said John Burge. "Pandexio is leading the way in the capture and distribution of employee insights, now delivering them via ground-breaking PWA technology. We were not first, but close – hot on the heels of Vibe HCM’s announcement at HR Tech two weeks ago.”

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About Pandexio:

Pandexio enables companies to move from a state of information overload to a state where employees critically think about information, capture and share insights, and communicate and operate at the insight-level. Pandexio is an insight-powered critical thinking engine delivered as a SaaS platform, with a robust set of APIs for workflow integration. Pandexio’s Smartsnip® innovation (4 granted patents) makes it easy for employees to convert information to insights in a lightweight, evidence-based way. Pandexio’s extensive thought-leadership has addressed the critical need for companies to prepare their workforce to compete in the future. This includes recognizing employee insights as intellectual capital that reflects critical thinking, and to accelerate the information-to-insight process across their workforce.