How to work with needles instead of haystacks

Today, company knowledge is scattered across documents, sticky notes and employee brain cells – offline, non-shareable haystacks of information.  Pandexio is designed to plug into existing systems where employees work with content (/haystacks), and make it easy for them to extract and collect the needles as they go along.  We call these Smartsnip-enabled applications.  They can power the capture and centralization of employee knowledge at an unprecedented level of simplicity and scale.

Features of Smartsnip-Enabled Applications

Smartsnip-enabled applications enable employees to work with needles instead of haystacks, accelerating business processes, starting with the most basic of all: reading and learning.

Documents become living learning objects

Attached documents come to life and you can see who is learning what before you even open the document.  You can also click directly into the snip-set, bypassing opening the document entirely.


Reading becomes snipping and snip-surfing

Whenever you click on documents, they launch in Smartsnip-enabled web viewers.  Smartsnips make it easy to capture the needles from the haystack simply by drawing a box with your mouse, adding a title and tags.  Don’t have time to read?  Just flip through the Smartsnips of others and their knowledge becomes yours.


Learning and knowledge transfer becomes systematic

No more memorizing, sticky notes or searching for documents to re-read.  The important facts, findings and knowledge get unlocked from content and brain cells – converted to portable, permanent knowledge in the form of Smartsnips.  Highly accessible, rapidly consumable and automatically shared across teams or even company-wide.


Facts and findings become instantly verifiable

Do you forget the sources of your facts?  Distrust your co-workers to do any better?  You can stop trying to maintain footnotes in your head.  Every Smartsnip is self-referencing.  One click on the see in source button and the document auto-magically re-appears, rotated to the exact page and snip spot.


Employee knowledge gets centralized in one spot

All Smartsnip-enabled applications feed a single Smartsnip network for the company.  No matter which Smartsnip-enabled application was used to create the Smartsnips, they go to one spot for your company, where you can access them based on your access rights.


The “organizational brain” is now accessible and searchable

Ever wish you could “Google” the knowledge of all your co-workers?  Not just their self-reported areas of expertise from a LinkedIn profile, but what they read and think, how they interpret information and form their points of view and conclusions?  Now you can – and it’s fast and powerful.


Your mobile device is now your pocket brain

Your brain gets overloaded with stuff to remember and recall when needed.  Now you have a pocket brain, with unlimited storage, zero-decay memory, auto-networked to everyone else’s in the company.  Endless possibilities, limitless capability.


Smartsnip functionality can be embedded inside most web applications, directly into browsers – just about any application where employees consume content and collaborate.