1. Amplify the revenue from your existing practice areas through add-on products/services

  2. Add a source of stable recurring revenue on top of your sometimes-volatile services revenue

  3. Bring new innovation to your customer base

  4. Expand your offering set using skills and resources you already have

How Pandexio works with Systems Integrators

  • You integrate Pandexio functionality into an enterprise application, or your extension to it (our tech team will help);

  • You distribute the application add-on/enhancement to your customer base (we'll help sales-enable) and provide first-level support

  • We work together to engage and leverage the sales team of the enterprise application host

  • We share the recurring revenue

Recurring revenue potential

Based on the pricing and penetration we're seeing with current partners, SIs can expect to generate $500,000 in annual recurring revenue from the average-size Fortune 500 client.

Development Opportunities: build your own Smartsnip applications

Pandexio was built from the ground-up as a platform.  We built our API before we built our first application.  One of the benefits of being a Pandexio SI partner is the ability to build your own Smartsnip applications.  Have a deep client base in the legal or healthcare verticals  you think could benefit from solutions tailored for their unique needs?  Have at it -- you learn more here.

Key Smartsnip Opportunity Areas

Human Capital Management

Pain points

  • Employees forget their training as fast as they learn it
  • Employees use HCM systems very infrequently
  • LMS content creation can't keep pace with demand
  • A demand for "social learning" that outpaces feature sets

              60 seconds on solution

           60 seconds on solution

                60-seconds on Smartsnip solution

Enterprise Social Networks

Pain points

  • Activity streams filled with more noise than knowledge
  • Lack of productivity functions
  • Low participation/engagement with knowledge capture functions

                60 seconds on Smartsnip solution

Customer Relationship Management

Pain points

  • Difficulty for sales reps to stay current with new products and services
  • Internet-educated customers raising the bar for sales rep knowledge
  • Existing sales-enablement solutions focused on whole documents

                60 seconds on Smartsnip solution

Customer Support

Pain points

  • Support information buried in voluminous technical documentation
  • Superficial knowledge base articles - lacking in facts, diagrams, sources
  • Growth of support content on the Internet, outside the company firewall