Pandexio is like steroids for active readers, voracious learners, SMEs and critical thinkers

Transform content overload into a lean, mean index of insights

Acquire content to consume

Bulky containers of info

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Read, think and harvest insights

50-100X smaller and more valuable

Think, share knowledge and collaborate

Lean & fast, with evidence & impact

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Is your machine packed with bookmarks and documents you intend to read later but never do? Or because you know you’ll forget the insights you formed? We get it. It’s why we created Pandexio. With Pandexio, you distill content into Twitter-size insights as you consume it. When you discover an actionable nugget of info, draw a box with your mouse and add your insight before it goes ‘poof’. Pandexio auto-magically links the evidence, source doc and exact snip-spot. We call it a Smartsnip. Collectively, they form a living index of everything you have learned from content you have consumed. No more forgetting or losing insights, or managing folders of bookmarks and documents. A digital brain you can organize, filter, search, browse, share.. where you think, become a SME. All reliably stored in Amazon’s cloud service for fast access, anytime, any-device.

Think of Pandexio like the next step after Google. An iTunes for your actionable insights.

Look smarter and present as an expert at all times

Nobody likes being uninformed, caught without facts, or unable to answer questions. With Pandexio, not only do you have reliable digital access to all YOUR insights, but you get access to the insights of YOUR CO-WORKERS all across the company.

a few KEY FEATURES to become an expert faster

  • Answer questions with impact: All Smartsnips drill-down to evidence and source

  • Articulate great insights: built-in digital coaching to write great insights on-the-fly

  • Leverage team-smarts with Topics: they can crowd-collect insights you can use

  • Go 3-D with Hyperpoints: powerful drill-down format, from insights to source docs

  • Google on steroids: search/save the insights of peers who already did the research

  • Get auto-fed insights: follow smart peers to get smarter without lifting a finger

  • Organize your brain: organize all your insights in your digital brain for fast access

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Turn your smartphone into a pocket-brain


Stop trying to memorize everything

Ever feel like your brain is full?  The human brain excels at processing information, yet struggles mightily at storing and retrieving it. 


in pandexio, insights don’t go 'poof’

In contrast to your glitchy human memory, computers have virtually unlimited memory with zero decay.  The same devices that digitally remember and retrieve your contacts can now do the same with your insights.

Lead the way in ending ‘attachment bombing’ across your organization


this is the #1 way employees share insights per our survey of 880 executives.

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Get recognized for the intellectual capital you create

Do You ACTIVELY consume content and form insights?

If so, we believe your company should recognize you for turning information into insights that can propel business forward. With Pandexio, your active engagement and insight generation moves you up the leaderboard where you get credit for it, acquire followers and build your intellectual influence and reputation

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