Too much information to read, learn and remember?

Get smarter faster by managing your knowledge as a collection of insights rather than documents

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Pandexio helps you defeat information overload with every mouse-swipe

Smartsnips make it easy to capture insights as you consume content.  Draw a box with your mouse, add a Twitter-size insight  and voila -- you have created a Smartsnip.  Smartsnips are intelligent objects that auto-hyperlink the source, including the precise page and snip spot.  They enable you to convert the overwhelming flow of information into lean, mean, bite-sized bits of pure knowledge stored in the cloud.  No more losing or forgetting,and you can access them fast - anytime, any device.

Pandexio turns your smartphone into a pocket-brain


Stop trying to memorize everything

Ever feel like your brain is full?  The human brain excels at processing information, yet struggles mightily at storing and retrieving it.  It tends to operate on a use-it-or-lose-it basis, with a really short fuse. 


Make computers do their job

Unlike human memory, computers have virtually unlimited memory with zero decay.  You figured this out long ago for managing contacts.  Pandexio enables you to now do the same with your insights.

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Pandexio helps you present as an expert at all times


  • Auto-hyperlinking of insights to evidence and context for maximum credibility
  • Intelligent insight-coaching that helps you write great insights on-the-fly
  • Enlist the power of your team to crowd-collect insights into shared Topics
  • Connect the dots via drag-in-drop with Hyperpoints (ultimate 3D structure)
  • Powerful search and discovery functions for finding relevant insights fast
  • Follow your brightest peers to get auto-fed  their insights as they form
  • Organize all your insights into your digital brain for fast access
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Pandexio enables your insights to elevate the performance of the entire workforce

Your insights can help your colleagues perform better for all use cases calling for expertise and intelligence

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Get recognized for the intellectual capital you create

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move up the leaderboard, acquire followers and build your intellectual influence and reputation

Stop attachment-bombing and start sharing insights effectively (and politely)

Per the 2018 HR.COM Workforce 2020 survey, this is the #1 way employees share their insights

Same concept applies to social posts.  This is just one example of the madness that gets fixed with Pandexio

Use-case example: research/consulting

Mary is a 3rd year business consultant trying to land a new client.  She has five days to become a marketing expert on prosthetic ear drums.  She has to absorb and synthesize thousands of pages and present as an expert, and is dreading all the:

  • Copying, pasting & manual referencing
  • Sticky notes & yellow pads
  • Content management 

Surely one of her colleagues has done this before?  She badly needs a better way to convert raw content into domain knowledge that doesn't leave her and everyone else constantly reinventing the wheel.  Fortunately, her company is now implementing Smartsnips.  Here's how things work for Mary going forward.

All knowledge in one spot

Mary now has a smartsnips cloud


Now Mary can use her Smartsnips tools to harvest all her insights from the content so she can 'read once and remember forever. She effectively converts all the documents and web content to a knowledge base of Smartsnips she can access any time.  And since she found a ton of Smartsnips from her colleagues on this topic, she was able to both (1) leverage their expert knowledge; and (2) save a lot of time.

Fast access from her phone

Mary now has a pocket brain


Now that Mary has effectively pre-programmed her 'pocket brain' with Smartsnips, she can relax.  She doesn't have to worry about forgetting any of it, and has fingertip access anytime, anywhere on any device. 

Use-case example: medical sales

Todd sells neurosurgical implants.  The surgeons he calls on expect him to be an expert on the latest peer-reviewed literature, clinical trials, best practices and FDA issues (which spans thousands of pages).  He needs to know this information cold – both for his products as well as those of his competitors.  His challenges:

  • He can’t keep it all in his head
  • There’s too much info to distill and digest, and the load keeps growing

Todd needs a faster way to learn, recall and communicate knowledge in a rapidly-changing field, from the road.  Fortunately, his company is now implementing Smartsnips.  Here's how things work for Todd going forward.

Sales Enablement Team

capture key insights

The Sales Enablement team from Todd's company compiles the peer-reviewed literature, clinical trials best practices and relevant FDA issues.  They meet with Todd and the other sales reps to fully understand the level of understanding and expertise they need to demonstrate for success with their clients.  In concert with some other SMEs they pull in from within the company they then consume thousands of pages of materials, capturing their insights as Smartsnips.  Once completed, they have built a database of a couple hundred Smartsnips along with several topics and hyperpoints.  They have reduced the information load from thousands of pages and weeks to consume, to minutes and seconds.

Sales Representatives

Access Insights On-Demand

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Todd no longer has to research, read and manage all the documents that fuel him with the knowledge he needs to do his job.  He can now access all the insights he needs to be an expert on the relevant topics right from his Smartphone.  The topics and hyperpoints his sales enablement team have prepared make it super-easy for Todd to present as an expert, and he is now armed with facts and sources at his fingertips to back it all up.  No more forgetting, losing information or re-reading.  Not only can Todd now access this information, so can his entire team.