Make it easier for your people to be productive

Enable them to:

  • Search and browse human insights instead of whole documents

  • Collaborate around human insights (in addition to social posts and whole documents)

  • Acquire evidence for faster, wiser decisions

Up-shift knowledge management and learning to a faster, more meaningful & millennial-friendly output

Historical problems.png

Eliminate eight wasteful human habits/behaviors

  1. Attachment bombing. Sharing whole documents and web links instead of the insights they triggered.

  2. Shooting from the hip. Advocating a position using emotion or position as a substitute for evidence, insights and sound thinking.

  3. Talking past each other. Disparity of facts, insights and context between parties; can’t communicate or think effectively together.

  4. Re-inventing the wheel. Google, read and learn the same stuff as others, form the same insights, blind to the redundancy.

  5. Hoarding knowledge. Failure to share insights and knowledge that could help co-workers and company.

  6. Participating uninformed. Participating in meetings, calls or decisions without access to evidence and insights that others have.

  7. Passive consumption. Consuming information without capturing the actionable bits and your insights about how to use it.

  8. Knowledge bottleneck. Relying on a few experts in the network who can’t share knowledge fast enough to keep up with demand.


PRODUCTIVITY AND EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SUFFER. WHAT’S MISSING IS A viable way to capture, share and access insights,


Address key business pain points

Example: more consultative sales teams

Business challenge

  • Everybody wants their sales reps to be more consultative, trusted advisors who engage deeply with clients

  • Training and content solutions fall short

  • Reps forget training way too fast and content is more of a leave-behind

Skill-execution Pandexio supports

  1. Research and learn domain

  2. Actively listen & ask questions

  3. Correctly answer questions

  4. Teach and challenge

Example: accelerating innovation

Business Challenge

  • Technologies, markets and products change fast

  • Everyone wants to accelerate innovation with digital technology

  • Existing ideation and social technologies are helpful, but don’t address the deeper work that drives innovation outcomes

Skill-execution Pandexio supports

Value access mini chart.png
  1. Understand domains and trends quickly

  2. Think creatively and critically about information

  3. Collaborate with others in deep, intentional way

  4. Align stakeholders around a business case

See what your people know, how they think and who they influence with Pandexio analytics

  • View a real-time dashboard of information being converted to insights by your workforce; drill-down by person or topic

  • Detect the gaps in organizational knowledge before the competition blazes by

  • Auto-identify experts and exemplary performers

  • Use analytics about the intellectual capabilities of your people to staff, recruit, mentor, train and retain

  • Systematically acquire the data needed for organizational network analysis