Up-shift knowledge management and learning to a faster, more meaningful & millennial-friendly output

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Eliminate eight wasteful human habits/behaviors

  1. Attachment bombing. Sharing whole documents and web links instead of the insights they triggered.

  2. Shooting from the hip. Advocating a position using emotion or position as a substitute for evidence, insights and sound thinking.

  3. Talking past each other. Disparity of facts, insights and context between parties; can’t communicate or think effectively together.

  4. Re-inventing the wheel. Google, read and learn the same stuff as others, form the same insights, blind to the redundancy.

  5. Hoarding knowledge. Failure to share insights and knowledge that could help co-workers and company.

  6. Participating uninformed. Participating in meetings, calls or decisions without access to evidence and insights that others have.

  7. Passive consumption. Consuming information without capturing the actionable bits and your insights about how to use it.

  8. Knowledge bottleneck. Relying on a few experts in the network who can’t share knowledge fast enough to keep up with demand.


PRODUCTIVITY AND EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SUFFER. WHAT’S MISSING IS A viable way to capture, share and access insights,


 While your competitors talk about critical thinking, you can empower your people to actually do it

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