Introducing Pandexio, the world's first critical thinking execution engine

180-second overview video

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Capture all employee insights in one spot

Pandexio connects your content silos

Content is FUEL for critical thinkers and it is scattered all over the enterprise. We make it drag-and-drop simple to load in Pandexio, which auto-converts and curates it for cloud viewing and snipping. Web content can be snipped on-the-fly with our Chrome Extension and our robust suite of APIs enables Pandexio to be plugged into just about any content (/fuel) source: file stores, CMSs and sync engines, content curation platforms, etc. 

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Empowers all your critical thinkers

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Arm your workforce with game-changing productivity functionality

search insights instead of documents

Returns insights (signal) instead of whole documents (noise).  The closest thing to 'Googling your co-workers brains'.


Social posts tend to be just talkin' on one extreme, document attachments on the other, neither of which transfer insights.


Executives need info that is both bottom-line and verifiable.  The only data structure that meets these competing requirements is the Smartsnip.

Gain unprecedented visibility and metrics to critical thinking, insight formation and use across the organization

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Empower your people to systematically upskill themselves, capture and transfer knowlege

By managing their knowledge as a collection of digital insights, they:

  • Capture their institutional knowledge in Smartsnips as they work
  • Continuously learn and upskill themselves
  • Build knowledge networks by finding and following others
  • Make it much easier to on-board the next person in their role


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Platform deployment and implementation

SIMPLE deployment

  • Web-based software-as-a-service
  • Works just about everywhere
  • User-based payment model
  • SSO availability

robust platform

  • Scalable, secure enterprise solution
  • A true platform with a suit of APIs
  • Multi-language capable
  • Powerful access controls

FAST implementation