Introducing Pandexio®, the world's first critical thinking execution engine

Pandexio make it easy for employees to critically think about information, starting by saving and sharing their insights.  As employees analyze content, they can capture the relevant bits with a mouse-swipe.  As they form insights, our Smartsnips auto-hyperlink their insights to the evidence and context.  Smartsnips are social, mobile-friendly objects that make critical thinking as easy as connecting-the-dots.  They also provide relief from information overload and memorization, and enable all employees to access the insights of the smartest employees. 

180-second overview video

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Defeat information overload with a mouse-swipe

Smartsnips make it easy for employees to capture their insights as they consume content.  They simply draw a box with their mouse, author a Twitter-size insight, add a few tags and voila -- they have created a Smartsnip!  They can upload just about any document type to snip, use our Chrome extension to snip web content or snip within our growing ecosystem of workflow integrations (including Slack). By converting bulky pieces of content to Smartsnips, critical insights get captured, information volume gets driven down by up to 50X, and learning becomes crowd-based, systematic and scalable. 

Beat the forgetting curve with your smartphone

Stop trying to memorize everything

We strongly believe that employees should not have to memorize all the knowledge they need to perform or excel in their job, nor are they capable of such a feat.  Our human brains excel at processing information yet struggle mightily at storing and retrieving it.  Even with the latest-greatest memory techniques, we can't compete with a $10 thumb-drive. 

Make your devices do their job

Computers have virtually unlimited memory with zero decay.  With Smartsnips you can make your computing devices do their job by providing you fingertip access to all the key insights you need to excel in your job, allowing you to focus on thinking and executing. 

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Aggregate all insights into one searchable platform

un-managed INSIGHT problem

We estimate the average Fortune 500 company generates 50 Million insights per year as employees consume content, learn and think.  Insights that are used to solve problems, make business decisions, create new IP and innovations. So where are these insights?  

Today they are scattered across brain cells, documents, sticky notes and an array of systems. They are all offline, inaccessible, non-shareable and effectively walk out the door when employees leave.  The Smartsnips platform enables systematic capture across existing systems and content, all stored in one centralized platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

smartsnips cloud solution

Closest thing to 'googling' your co-workers brains

Instantly see who-knows-what-about-what, across the entire organization

Cracking open the black box

Employees consume mass quantities of content -- it is the fuel that drives our knowledge economy.  Yet, we know very little about how employees convert it to value. What insights do they learn from it all? How are insights being used to form conclusions?  Make business decisions?  Produce new innovations?  Who creates the best insights?  How are insights flowing across people and teams?

With Smartsnips, insight creation and networking becomes transparent.  Leaders can see areas of expertise being built up as it happens.  Employees can get credit for their intellectual contributions.  And that's just the start.

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Platform deployment and implementation

SIMPLE deployment

  • Web-based software-as-a-service
  • Works just about everywhere
  • User-based payment model
  • SSO availability

robust platform

  • Scalable, secure enterprise solution
  • A true platform with a suit of APIs
  • Multi-language capable
  • Powerful access controls

FAST implementation