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A few of the pain points/use cases Smartsnips can address

searching for information

Employees need to access knowledge faster.  Today's as-is search returns a list of documents and links - a reading and research project.


Employees need to share knowledge better.  Today's as-is involves just talkin' on one extreme, whole documents attached to posts on the other. 


Sales reps need to be experts faster.  Customers are more educated than ever.  As-is sales-enablement consists of routing whole documents. Sales reps don't have time to read it all (nor do they want to).

Briefing executives

Executives need bottom-line information combined with a fast way to verify it.  They usually get a Powerpoint and sometimes a binder full of documents to read (or footnotes to chase). 

supporting customers

The answers to most support questions live inside the reams of documents and online content generated by the organization.  Until now, there has been no systematic way to surface it.

Capturing institutional knowledge

Employees need a fast, lightweight, workflow-embedded way to capture what they know. The as-is solutions don't meet these key requirements and therefore don't get used. 


Given the speed of business and technology change, there is no way an L&D department can maintain a workforce of experts. The only scalable way to achieve this is for the workforce to train itself.


Today, everyone is a researcher.  We need to make it efficient.  The as-is involves too many documents, file systems, sticky notes, footnotes, bookmarks... sometimes even piles of printed paper and highlighters.