Story Behind the Name


We wanted a name that conveyed the essence and vision of what we set out to build.  Empowering. Comprehensive.  Ambitious.

    Pan = Greek for “all”

    Dex = short for “index”

    IO = short for input / output as well as portfolio

We strive to accelerate the creation and transfer of knowledge wherever digital content is consumed and communicated.  In the process we think we can help today's knowledge worker overcome information overload and achieve organization from within the chaos.

Confessions of a Knowledge Addict

I used to print stuff in order to read it... documents, web pages, emails longer than half a page.  Then I would paint it all with highlighters and sticky notes -- the only good way I found to comprehend and assimilate all the facts. After overloading my file cabinet with stacks of paper, and any flat surface I could find (I truly feel bad for all the trees I've killed), I set out to understand why software was unable to help me do this better.

I couldn't find a software solution out there that worked for people or companies, so I decided to build one.  Pandexio was born.  And now I can actually see my desk.

John Burge, CEO

PS: For more detail on where legacy approaches to knowledge management fall short, check out my blog.